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Email Marketing Service is Ultimate Key to Promote your Business

Marketing has been the ultimate key to promote your business. Different methods of marketing have been used since ages. The current trend of fast pace and high tech world needs your marketing style to be innovative as well as the one which can cover maximum prospects. Email Marketing comes with both these advantages.

Pooja Infotech helps you create your brand impact and promote the same through various means of Internet Marketing. By the use of sophisticated and cutting edge technology, we promote your brand through e-mails.

Email Marketing 

comes with many promises. Some of which are enlisted below:
  • Increase the number of your target clients.
  • Once you reach the inbox and the client signs for your product, you can reach the client instead of waiting for the client to approach.
  • Keep your prospects updated about your recent changes.

Our team will design and create e-mail campaigns for your company so that you promote your brand. Variety of plans is available for the different sectors depending on the need of the clientele.

A Leading

  Email Marketing 

Company Pooja Infotech Provides best Email Marketing services and guidance located at Vadodara.

We are providing Best Email Marketing Service with email marketing free tips and email marketing software suggestion to grow up your business at Vadodara (Baroda), Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, India.

Today's Best Marketing Trend is Email Marketing

A revolution in marketing of the 21st Century is E-mail Marketing. E-mail Marketing is today one of the Cheapest, Fastest & Most Effective mode of marketing. E-mail marketing saves cost and environment. E-mail marketing directly reaches the inbox of the customer. However, today everybody is aware about the fact that E-mail marketing should be done – but they do not know how to get best results?

Email Marketing with Inbox Delivery

If you think that E-mail designing and E-mail marketing is easy and every time you send an e-mail it reaches the customer then you might be wrong. Research shows that most of the time your own designed e-mail sent for marketing does not reach the specified customer when you are sending bulk E-mails.  And even if it is reaching the customer it is not showing in the Inbox and most of the time your E-mail is welcomed in the Spam box – which either is directly deleted by the customer without looking at it or it gets automatically deleted within 30 days. The time, money and energy invested for E-mail designing and E-mail marketing does not give your intended results.

Email Marketing Study & Resources

E-mail designing and E-mail marketing requires lot of study and resource to make it successful. Pooja Infotech has a diligent way of E-mail designing and E-mail marketing. Pooja Infotech has 5 years of rich experience in E-mail designing and E-mail marketing. Pooja infotech has made an in-depth study and has developed a resourceful strategy that every time you capture an E-mail design and send it through us you are assured of Guaranteed Return delivery in the Inbox of the customer! Not only that Pooja Infotech ensures whether that customer has read your e-mail or not and also at what time?

Email Marketing Small Tips

We takes utmost care when we design the E-mail content for E-mail marketing. The text and subject line are “Eye-catchers”. The fonts are easily readable. The analysis and statistics of the product is clearly defined. The most necessary elements “Images and Designs” are aesthetically appealing.  When we do E-mail marketing, we can schedule on what time it should be sent to the customer. The time horizon is different in India and Internationally. We help you schedule your e-mail marketing so it reaches at the right time in the customer’s inbox! 

Present Scenario of Email Marketing

We follows the present scenario of E-mail designing and marketing. Today through internet each of the customers is connected to social networking sites and asks them to “click and follow” as most of the customers have Wi-Fi enabled Mobiles, Tablets or Laptops which creates the “brand” of the product.Customers who have taken benefit of E-mail designing & E-mail marketing through Pooja Infotech have been benefitted.  The success ratio is more than 90% of E-mail reaching the inbox. So next time when you call the customer after sending the E-mail it works in to a win- win situation! Most of our customers have been benefitted and you also can.